Thursday, 13 December 2007

Specman Interview Questions - Part II

Follwing questions are taken from Pleaser refer this page for all the answers.

1) What are the differences between structs and units?
2) What are the special unit related fields and methods?
3) How can you pass a struct by reference in e?
4) How do you pass basic types by reference?
5) What is the use of coverage per instance?
6) How can you use it to prevent the creation of fake coverage holes?
7) What logical structure (object structure) and physical structure (file structure) are defined by the eRM?
8) Which conventions are defined by the eRM?
9) What type of object is used as a container for an eVC?
10) What would you change in Specman?
11) What would you say are the main differences between work as an employee and as an independent consultant?
12) What do you normally do when you end a project?

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